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Expansion of Services Increases Application Volumes

“When mother’s request their newborn’s birth certificate through VitalDirector we all benefit because the mother receives the certificate faster, it’s less expensive, and our county receives the revenue rather than going to the state”
- Crystal Gilliard, Union County Register of Deeds

The Customer

Crystal Gilliard has been the Register of Deeds for Union County, North Carolina since 2004. After a discussion with a customer about the lengthy and difficult process to acquire a death certificate, they became Permitium's very first VitalDirector customer.



Former Solution

Paper Applications

Use Case

Vital Records Management

Became a Customer


The Challenge

How to provide a faster, less expensive, and more efficient option for county residents to order vital records, as well as improving payment options for walk-in traffic. 

• State system is expensive and has a significant backlog
• Cash and check payments required extra work and caused delays
• Write in process lead to extensive wait times for residents to get needed records

The Solution

Implement VitalDirector for a streamlined ordering and processing experience, faster delivery time, and easy payment system, while increasing county revenue.

• Implemented VitalDirector to almost entirely eliminate paper applications
• Added kiosk for marriage license and notary options to simplify payments and reduce frustrating delays
• Worked with hospitals, schools, and other offices to promote QR codes and further lessen office foot traffic

The Impact

Residents have shorter wait times and smaller fees, agency staff no longer experience long office lines and frustrating payment delays, and county sees significant revenue increase.

• Residents now receive certificates in 3-10 days as opposed to 30-150 days with state system
• Residents now pay a small fee of $14 instead of large state fee of $38 per record
• Staff no longer has to deal with cash/check payment issues
• Increase in certificates ordered through county system has led to an revenue increase of $43,729 since 2021