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Next Generation Application Experience

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North Carolina Private Protection Services

"The process with Permitium is much less time-consuming and labor-intensive than our paper based process. Reducing the number of staff resulted in significant cost savings for our agency, and we have reduced application processing time from months to only days or weeks.”
- Paul Sherwin, Director NC PPS Board

The Customer

Prior to implementing PermitDirector, the NC PPS office was bogged down with paper applications and supporting documents being mailed to the office. Any issues with the applications had to be addressed via mail also, causing further delays. In addition, the information from each application had to be manually entered into their old database. As a result of this paper-based process, the NC PPS office had no accountability or tracking of the status of a given application or even how long it took—on average—to process an application. The Director at the time knew that several Sheriff’s Offices in North Carolina used PermitDirector for pistol purchase permits, so he solicited a bid from Permitium to take their process online.


10.7 million

Former Solution

Paper Applications

Use Case

Multiple License Applications

Became a Customer

August 2017

The Challenge

How to reduce application processing time, improve communication with applicants, and decrease risk of errors and inefficiencies.

• Manual handling of documents slowed the ability to process applications
• Tedious data entry was taking up time and increasing the possibility of errors
• No systematic tracking of application status caused applicant frustrations
• Lack of communication and instances of lost applications was problematic

The Solution

Implement PermitDirector to expedite application processing, implement tracking system, and improve accuracy.

• Require applications be submitted online via PermitDirector
• Applicants can track status of orders without calling office
• Make documentation for staff and supervisors readily available
• Eliminate back-and-forth of physical mail to increase speed of application processing

The Impact

A faster, more efficient system that better serves their customers and reduces office expenses. 

• Application processing time went from weeks/months to just a few days
• Customers are delighted to apply quickly online and track order status themselves
• Needed reports and documentation are easily accessible
• Less labor-intensive process resulted in significant cost savings