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Lubbock City Secretary’s Office Increases Efficiency and Revenue by Implementing VitalDirector

"We chose Permitium because it is easy and safe to use, and it gives us way more authority in how we facilitate our orders than other options. There is not a single time in the last 2 years that I have thought about finding another option because this one just WORKS. The amazingly friendly staff and attentive customer support has made us feel that Permitium wants us to succeed just as much as we do!"- Jennifer S. Clements, Vital Statistics Manager

The Customer

Jennifer Clements is the Vital Statistics Manager for the City of Lubbock, Texas Vital Statistics Department, a branch of the City Secretary's Office. In her role, Jennifer is responsible for the efficient and effective management of vital records ordering and processing. Soon after she started in her position, Jennifer identified the need for an online solution for vital records ordering. She did some research and discovered that a neighboring city was successfully utilizing VitalDirector.



Former Solution

Paper Applications

Use Case

Vital Records Management

Became a Customer


The Challenge

How to streamline order processing, improve communication, and enhance service delivery, while reducing wasteful spending.

• Too many orders, not enough employees
• No central communication system
• Citizens using fraudulent websites
• Needed system in place for Covid

The Solution

A secure, user-friendly online ordering solution with automated communication that reduces costs and streamlines vital records ordering and processing.

• Automated system to decrease walk-in traffic, reduce paper and postage costs, and ease burden on employees
• Dashboard for centralized communication
• Custom branded site to ensure citizens know they are ordering from a legitimate source
• Online, mobile friendly ordering available even when office is closed

The Impact

A transformed experience for both citizens and staff with a more efficient and secure service for citizens that also significantly reduced the burden on staff members and brought in much needed additional revenue.

• Significant financial growth with a revenue increase of $51,000 in the first year
• Broadened customer base to include entire state
• Online, easy-to-use system increased volume of orders while easing employee workload
• More efficient and secure system for citizens to utilize