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PermitDirector for weapon permits serves as an end-to-end online solution that includes the application, background check tracking, processing, payment and issuance of gun and concealed carry permits

  • Transition existing manual, paper-based processes into an online, automated solution
  • Modernize and unify the application, payment and issuance of weapons permits for your agency
  • Compliant with SOC2 and CJIS data and application security requirements
  • Eliminate manual scheduling and follow-up notifications
  • Ensure accurate and auditable reporting of approvals, denials and revocations
  • Streamline the accounting of weapon permit payments
  • Remotely handle the submission of applications utilizing embedded online audio/visual interaction with applicants
  • Where applicable, utilize PermitDirector’s built in Remote Online Notary solution to provide a total online experience for applicants


PermitDirector Civil platform manages the Civil and Criminal service of process workflow to help your Civil Division run effectively and efficiently. The system enables applicants to enter and pay for the Service of Process instructions online while providing an automated deputy and Law Enforcement Agency Civil processor dashboard to track service of process orders.

  • Local firm dashboard to allow attorneys and property managers enter, pay and track their service of process
  • Automatically organize and prioritize orders based on mapping and paper type to ensure compliance
  • Streamline the intake and tracking of papers utilizing barcode processing
  • Manage judgement and Law Enforcement Agency sale collections, fees and expenses
  • Automate the generation of court and Law Enforcement Agency sale forms
  • Proactively notify filers of the status of their services of process via email, text message and voice calls.


Permitium OffenderTracker provides a local agency platform to manage the verification of your Sex Offender population.

  • Ability to transfer the Sex Offender file electronically between agencies
  • Verify address distances to manage Sex Offender relocation
  • Streamline the intake of Sex Offender registration and verification data
  • Provide access to state and federal agencies for more comprehensive investigations
  • Collect thorough and timely bio-demo data on your Sex Offender population
  • Auto manage deputy field verification queues


PermitDirector for Vital Records manages the processing, payment and issuance of birth, death and marriage certificates.

  • Manage all submissions through one processing dashboard
  • Using VitalVerify – use data points to accurately verify the identity of the applicant before releasing official certificates
  • Provide a common interface for walk-in and online application submissions
  • Process Orders through a real-time dashboard queue
  • Reduce lobby traffic and wait times
  • Offer same-day processing, express processing, and different delivery options


PermitDirector FP captures applicant data, fingerprint reason and payment for non-weapons related fingerprinting.

  • Online self-service scheduling to manage lobby traffic, customer expectation and wait-times.
  • Integration with LiveScan vendors to eliminate data entry
  • Auto-generate permit/certificate documentation
  • Streamline accounting and financial reconciliation


PermitCheck is a public search interface that can determine the validity of a permit issued from any of the agencies who participate and use PermitDirector for Weapon Permits. This interface can be used by Deputies, dispatch, and gun dealers, that when presented a CCW or Gun Permit, can simply enter the permit number and receive, in real-time, the validity of that permit.

  • Provides Deputy safety so they can check the validity of a permit
  • Where applicable, Gun dealers can confirm if they can use the permit to sell a weapon according to local statute
  • As agencies update the status of permits, PermitCheck is also updated in real-time, ensuring timely accurate data in the field


PermitDirector for extra duty - funeral is a cloud-based application developed to help Law Enforcement Agencies and funeral homes coordinate the payment, scheduling and execution of funeral processions enabled by Law Enforcement Agency motorcades.

  • Online application, payment, scheduling, and submission for Funeral Homes
  • Law Enforcement Agency coordinator dashboard to approve, schedule and staff funeral processions
  • Funeral home online profile to submit W-2s and check status of all requests and scheduled events with the Law Enforcement Agency
  • Automated communication via text messages, email, and phone calls


Archive is a hosted document management solution designed to address the unique needs of our government agency clients

  • Reduces document discovery and storage expense
  • Increases employee productivity
  • Provides disaster recovery
  • Secures critical records
  • Eliminates paper
  • Fully integrated with the PermitDirector platform


PermitDirector for Licensing offers a complete self-service solution to manage the license issuance, management, appeals, compliance, and payment processes. Allow your industry and citizens to apply for and, upon approval, manage their licenses online through a personalized dashboard.

  • Online License Applications, payment, submission, and approval workflow processing
  • Manage board approval/denial decisions
  • Online Dashboard allowing License holders and businesses to manage their employees, offices/branches, and licenses
  • Online complaint processing with decision workflows and penalty payment processing
  • Manage training scheduling and certifications tied to business and individual license holders
  • Streamline your accounting of all license payment types


Using our list of concealed carry and gun permit owners, we can send out both direct mail communications and electronic communications. This will continue to keep your name in front of those individuals who see you in a favorable light, where you have done something positive for them.

  • Reminders for Concealed Handgun Permit Renewal
  • Safety Communications (School starting, Halloween, etc.)
  • New Governor Orders
  • Secures critical records
  • Holiday Greetings
  • Sex Offender Communications


eNotary provides a total online experience for the user while providing many clear advantages over the standard notarization process

  • Cost savings vs. traditional notary setup
  • Superior security
  • Audit trail
  • Verified authenticity
  • Decreases application processing time
  • Notarization error reduction

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