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Our Mission & Passion

Nothing is as important as passion. No matter what you want to do with your life, be passionate. - Jon Bon Jovi
We agree with Mr. Jovi, or Mr. Bon Jovi, or, let's just call him Jon.

That said, our passion is creating innovative solutions for agencies like yours!

In fact, our mission is to create solutions that empower citizens, families, and businesses by providing equitable access to agency resources.

We build software that connects the people to the agencies that serve them.

Meet The Team

Aurelia H.

Design Expert

(704) 791-1845

Aurelia is a part of the marketing department where her imagination runs riot. She provides design expertise and creativity to our company.

Brian C.

Account Executive

(704) 998-6654

Brian works in sales and account management.

Bridget J.

Product Marketing Manager

(704) 779-4540

Bridget keeps her diary up to date and our product on mission.

Chandler A.

Client Services

(855) 642-2453

Chandler believes that entangled particles will drive new theories about Schrodinger's cat.

Cheryl W.

Account Executive

(919) 920-6417

Cheryl works in sales and account management.

David H.

Account Executive

(704) 998-6562

David works in sales and account management.

Dax C.

Partner, Head of Product

(704) 390-5690

Dax is on hiatus. He is also skeptical of skepticism.

Dylan B.

Developer Support

(855) 642-2453

Dylan does both Developer and Support Service work. Some people call him a double threat!

Forrest A.

Software Developer

(704) 936-9386

Forrest is famous for his development of the White Queen for the Umbrella Corporation.

Gerry B.


(704) 998-6570

Gerry is the puppet master of operations.

Greg B.

Project Manager

(704) 998-6551

Greg is the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' of project management.

Han P.

Software Architect

(704) 998-1411

Han lays down some epic software beats.

Huy P.


(972) 885-7426

Talented code ninja.

Jarett M.

Client Services

(855) 642-2453

Jarett is talented in client communication.

Jeana T.

Inside Sales

(704) 998-6566

Jeana is an inside sales ninja.

Jeff M.

Director Client Services

(704) 582-3411

Jeff manages the Client Services team. He is the guiding light of logistics. Huummmm.

Jonah L.

Developer Support

(704) 779-4540

Jonah does both Developer and Support Service work.

Jennifer B.

Accountant / Finance

(998) 998-6553

Jennifer is our mathematician, trigonometrician, and number theorist.

Jessica S.

Client Services

(855) 642-2453

Jessica's passion is serving others. She has worked in various service positions in her life. She works hard to meet the needs of the people who use our software.

Johnny K.

Account Executive

(704) 998-6558

Johnny works in sales and account management. Some of us call him Gummi Bear.

Julia R.

Client Services

(855) 642-2453

Julia is a client services samurai warrior.

Justin C.

Client Services

(855) 642-2453

Justin works in client services and is made of 100% recycled 'shamwows'.

Karl W.

Partner, Head of Development

(704) 699-8786

Karl is our lead software designer, the Sir Ernest Shackleton of development.

Kelly P.

Account Executive

(704) 998-6557

Kelly works in sales and account management.

Khoa L.

Client Services

(515) 654-7131

Khoa works in client services. By night he goes by Batman.

Laura H.

Account Development

(864) 449-0049

Having survived majors in Chemistry and Medical Laboratory Technology, Laura uses her geekiness to help Permitium products in new and exciting ways.

Matt S.

Partner, Sales

(704) 998-6555

Matt works in sales and account management.

Mike F.

Account Executive

(704) 280-0188

Mike works in sales and account management.

Mike K.

Account Development

(704) 420-0022

Mike has been around the block a time or two in the world of software. He likes to think he knows a thing or two.

Nathan C.

Client Services

(515) 321-4711

Nathan works on cold-fusion in his spare time.

Paul B.

Partner, Client Engineering

(949) 584-5766

Wah, wah, wah, Paul works in sales and account management.

Richard L.

Director of Client Services

(980) 275-3063

Richard holds projects together like 'flex tape'.

Ron C.

Partner, Sales

(562) 298-2619

Ron works in account management and sales.

Ross H.

Software Architect

(864) 556-4321

Ross creates work so good that Chuck Norris cowers in fear.

Thomas A.

Project Manager

(704) 975-2320

Tom Austin is the virtuoso of all things storage.

Tommy S.

Product Manager

(704) 654-7131

Tommy manages projects across the galaxy.

Contact Us

If you want to find out how we can help you with your usage permits, purchase permits, carry permits, finger prints, and/or vital records requests, or if you just want to share a great idea then we’d love to hear from you - we love to talk!