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A little about our company. Why we do what we do...
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Ten years ago a small group of friends got together and started building web-based enterprise document management and workflow management software for the government marketplace. During the last 10 years we built a thriving business and branched out beyond into building not only document management solutions, but also niche solutions for Sheriff's and Register-of-Deeds.

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We created Permitium to focus solely on providing cloud-based, efficiency solutions to the Sheriff and Register-of-Deeds marketplace. We help you manage MORE permit and vital records requests FASTER and BETTER.

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So if you want to see how we can help your county utilize great technology at ZERO-COST, contact us today. We think you would agree with our belief that counties should not have to pay high prices to use great technology.

Our mission is simple – provide innovative niche solutions to Sheriff's and Register-of-Deeds through ZERO-COST funding methods. With this business model in place, Permitium has grown quickly and we are adding new counties daily!

Contact Us

If you want to find out how we can help you with your usage permits, purchase permits, carry permits, finger prints, and/or vital records requests, or if you just want to sahre a great idea then we’d love to hear from you - we love to talk!